Formerly The Bristol Baptist Church

The Bristol Baptist Church is located in downtown Bristol, CT at 43 School St.
Phone – (860)-583-8352

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Church Staff:

Boards and Committees:

Board of Deacons is responsible for

  • Organizing communion on a monthly basis
  • Organizing visitation and special services for shut-ins, on an as-needed basis.
  • Keeping the Deacon’s Fund, to which persons can apply if they have special, short-term financial needs
  • Considering applications for membership
  • Assisting candidates in the rite of believer’s baptism
  • Maintaining membership records, including receiving and accepting changes in membership as well as the inactive members list
  • To contact the Board of Deacons - deacons@thebristolbaptistchurch.org

Board of Trustees is responsible for

  • Maintaining the church home
  • Authorizing use of the church home (after consultation with the Coordinating Council)
  • Transacting all legal business on behalf of the church, including its investments
  • To contact the Board of Trustees – trustees@thebristolbaptistchurch.org

Board of Christian Education is responsible for

Board of Christian Outreach is responsible for

  • Developing the external giving budget for the church
  • Setting goals for special mission offerings
  • Encouraging the church’s involvement in the continuing social needs of Bristol and surrounding communities
  • Reaching out to unchurched members of the community
  • To contact the Board of Christian Outreach – christianoutreach@thebristolbaptistchurch.org

Stewardship Committee is responsible for

  • Conducting the church’s annual canvass of members to determine levels of pledge giving
  • Organizing an ongoing program of stewardship education
  • To contact the stewardship Committee – stewardship@thebristolbaptistchurch.org

Flowers and Decoration Committee is responsible for

  • Receiving and honoring requests for provision of flowers and decorations at the request, and upon payment by, those making such requests
  • Arranging decorations for the church during Easter, Thanksgiving, and Advent seasons
  • To contact the Flower Committee – flowers@thebristolbaptistchurch.org

Music Committee is responsible for

  • Working with the pastor and organist/director of music to develop the total music program of the church
  • Developing a job description for the organist/director of music
  • Supervising all music supplies
  • Maintaining the organ, piano, and handbells
  • Arranging when necessary for organists, pianists, soloists and other music groups
  • To contact the Music Committee – music@thebristolbaptistchurch.org

Pastoral Relations Committee is responsible for

  • Providing a communication link between the pastor and the congregation, including input from the congregation about the overall assessment of the church ministry
  • Strengthening pastor-congregation relations
  • Evaluating the pastor
  • Working with the pastor on a program of continuing education
  • To contact Pastoral Relations – pastoralrelations@thebristolbaptistchurch.org

Coordinating Council is responsible for

  • Coordinating the financial requests in order to establish an annual budget
  • Appointing a Nominating Committee
  • Filling vacancies that arise during the year
  • Consulting with the Board of Trustees on requests for building use
  • Approving job descriptions and salaries for all staff members
  • Designating the special Lenten, Christmas and Easter offerings
  • Insuring that the by-laws of the church are properly executed and maintained.
  • To contact the Coordinating Council – moderator@thebristolbaptistchurch.org

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